Update on the losing weight efforts!


Here I am january 2014 finding this blog again!

I somewhat forget that I have a blog here waiting like an old companion for news about.. well about somebody’s losing weight battle..
So there I go, from last time I wrote some time passed by, in fact a whole year.
Last time I took a swim has been this past december when I swam far a few days in a row, then I let myself get caught by the festivities and so I downed some wine, which proceeded to kill my swimming right off.
I started some light work on the sites network and got stuck into writing some kind of online diary about the whole swimming and cycling saga, which I have incorporated into one of my article sites, sadly the work is in Italian, but there’s some pictures! haha
I am not too sure why I wrote it in italian, it just got started off in that language and then I carried on in Italian.
In an nutshell during 2013 I did swim quite consistenly between march and june, then slackened a bit off when summer came, to start again getting a bit serious during october right to december, when I stopped about mid month.
This is the direct link to the Swimming/Cycling diary, which might evolve into being bilingual, who knows

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Whehey I am doing great losing weight!

Since last time I wrote on this blog I have made some incredible progress.

Yep I went to live near the seaside, it’s about 20 minutes on the pushbike so not exactly round the corner but you get used to it, my stats are roughly as follows:

Started on the 20th April 2012 with:

1 Hour there and back by bicycle and 1 hour swim. That’s each and every day till about the 15th of August when it got just too crowded, including jelly fish.

Some days I didn’t swim and those were the days when  I went to the supermarket to buy food, there’s a few supermarkets, they are either 2 hours or 3 hours round trip (carrying tons of stuff, sometimes up to 20kgs).

I had about 15 days break from the 15th August but I started again in September, not every day as the weather sometimes did not allow it but I did my best. I carried on swimming right up to november when I had a small accident where I burned my leg while cookind wih a pressure cooker (it opened on my leg!) and so fo about 40 days I didn’t get out of the house, then on the first day out, the 19th December I went to do the shopping, there was ice on the road and I fell on my arms, breaking some bones on both.

It didn’t look fractured, just felt it! Something cracked somewhere but it was not out of place or anything so I didn’t even go to hospital, just stayed in the house another month or so being very careful.

Today 30th January it still hurts but my hands are stronger now and maybe it’ll be a couple more weeks and then I’ll be ok once more. However I did go swimming during this time, about 4 times this last week, the water is quite freezing at 8C and people think I am mad but I do enjoy it more than August.

I haven’t been checking my weight, just once to find about 10kgs gone, looking forward to this coming summer to lose even more!

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Need to lose weight? This is what I am doing, copy me!

I need to lose weight fairly bad..

so I am going to move into a tiny apartment that’s about 3 miles to the nearest food place, and if I want a supermarket I need to travel about 14 miles, there and back.

There is no public transport and the only vehicle I have to get there is my pushbike.

Think I’ll get to lose some weight? We’ll see. Right now I weight 120kgs and am 1.81cm tall, age: 50

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No plugins then?

I am sure I have seen some wordpress.com sites that have plugins that  Idon’t see here and I don’t seem to find an option to add plugins, maybe I should look better, but if anyone il reading this, comment awaaay!


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Video camera ideas

I just read somewhere about a video camera with an input just like the one for your microphone but for video.
Yes there are such cameras already, but I have never seen a video device like a microphone, something at the end of a wire that you can plug it into your camera and doing so it would allow to record anything while unseen.
You could walk about the market or wherever and you’d have some great video of your holiday without having to hold your video camera and have people look at you and hide away while you are shooting your video.
Does anyone know what  I am talking about?

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I can’t believe I have never written anything into this

Can’t believe it but it is true.. I have had this space for more than five years but for one reason or the other, I have never got round to write anything.

So.. what ca I write now though?

Well, I have become fat (er) than I have ever been, it’s the computer’s fault.. so I am now in slimming mode.. I am not too sure what I will do to lose some weight but I suppose I will just have to get back into my judo warm up rountine…
 it was always quite good and it would work now and I would loosen up all muscles and joints.
Then on top of that I could do some normal push ups, and that’s about it till I get a bit fitter, then i might even learn the way to the swimming pool!

Really, slimming isn’t difficult at all but you must set your mind to it, it has to be something you get into, not something you hate to do.

Once you get into that state of mind, you enjoy it. I am speaking for myself here of course, I just love to get my body pumping and sweating and feeling alive and then I think – Iam looking forward to next week because I’ll be fitter than today and this will be so much easier, and I’ll be in touch with my body much more than I am today-  and so on.

Well’ that’s about it for my first post to this blog!

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